Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Called ‘Obnoxious,’ ‘Wasteful’ for Flying on Private, Empty 747

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West boarded a private 747 jet for a recent long-haul flight, sparking outrage over the extravagant method of travel.


Kardashian, 38, showed off the spacious — and nearly empty — interior of the commercial-size airliner in a series of videos posted to her Instagram Stories.


“No big deal, just taking a private 747,” Kardashian says, filming West, 41, walking up to the “double decker” plane. “This is how he does it now. Only 747s, private. I’ve never even heard of this, but whatever.”


 Travel & Leisure notes the plane could hold up to 660 passengers, and points out that Air Force One is also a Boeing 747.




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oh, must be nice


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On board, Kardashian showed off the customized interior, which featured lounge areas, bedrooms and spacious cabins full of empty seats. The jet also contains plenty of work space, which the mother of three calls the “Yeezy floating office.” In another video clip, she shouts out “Team Adidas,” Yeezy’s parent company.


“So this is what a private 747 is like, you guys. I’ve never been on one before. Oh my god, there’s bedrooms everywhere. No big deal. This is like endless,” she says, noting it’s “pretty insane.”



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Viewers seemed to agree on that last point, with many saying that the couple’s decision to fly on such a large plane unnecessarily was tactless and harmful to the environment.


“All I’m thinking is what a waste of jet fuel, resources, environmental harm,” wrote one Twitter user, who called the couple’s flight “obnoxious and unnecessary.”




Another commenter on Twitter felt that taking the extravagant trip after making a half-million-dollar donation to wildfire relief efforts was hypocritical.


“I’m missing the connection. @KimKardashian and @kanyewest donate 500000$ to wildfire relief efforts, but take a 747 airplane privately. Will someone explain to them how the climate crisis works? Please?” she wrote.


“You have the power and wealth to travel sustainably, and instead you do the opposite. For what? An Instagram flex?” wrote another.




One Twitter user suggested the famous couple offset the environmental impact of their flight. “How much did it cost you, 2-3 million dollars? Maybe it would be fair if you donated an equivalent amount to help the climate recover from the several hundred tonnes(!) of CO2 you just caused.”






Still, others were wowed by the over-the-top trip, and stood up for Kardashian and West.


“Kanye West always ahead of [his] time,” one person tweeted. “The glee in Kim Kardashian’s voice though . . . she truly loves her husband.”






“Ye renting an entire private 747 is a whole mood,” wrote a supportive Twitter user, while another commented, “Ugh one day.”










Kardashian and West’s trip comes shortly after the couple revealed their Hidden Hills, California, home was saved from the deadly Woolsey wildfire thanks to a group of private firefighters they hired to protect it.


Kim Kardashian boasts of private 747 flight with Kanye West
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.


“We were lucky,” Kardashian said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday. “We were really blessed to have the help of the firefighters that we did. Our house is right on the end of a big park. The whole park had caught fire, so if our house went, then every other house would go.”


To help those who didn’t make it out unscathed, Kardashian announced two separate $200,000 donations — one going to the Wildfire Relief Fund and the other to the California Fire Foundation — on behalf of herself, West and his Yeezy label.


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